Audio Frequency
Audio Frequency

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I do video and audio compression research, cryptography, and infomation theory research.
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Check out my Zebra Research stuff. I have full soruce code posted for a driving the internal PC speaker with PWM audio.

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These are applications which allow you to manipulate and convert all your audio. Tools like Broadcast2000 let you edit/record/render ... not only audio but also video, based on video4linux. GSMP is an application which can be compared with GIMP for graphics, only this one aims to be like that for audio.
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Hydrogen Audio - portal Psycoacoustic Audio Compression

Frequency Modulated

Linux Sound editors

Broadcast2000 - lets you edit, record, composite, render, and play back audio and video on a Linux box. Unlimited tracks, realtime rendering, and video4linux capture are supported, as well as the audio features you expect from a hard disk recorder. (3277 hits)
ChordCast - ChordCast is a program written in Java (version 1.4 required) designed to help musicians with creating, sharing, and printing chords (164 hits)
DAP - Digital Audio Processor for Unix - perfect digital audio editor/processor with XForms GUI (1647 hits)
ecasound - a text-mode sound processing program that can do various tasks from basic editing and effect processing to multitrack recording. Because of the simple interface, batch files can be used to automate complex editing tasks. qtecasound, an X interface to ecasound, is also included. (542 hits)
ecawave - Ecawave is a simple graphical audio file editor. The user-interface is based on Qt, while almost all audio functionality is taken directly from ecasound libraries. As ecawave is designed for editing large audio files, all processing is done direct-to-disk. Simple waveform caching is used to speed-up file operations. Ecawave supports all audio file formats and effect algorithms provided by ecasound libraries. This includes ALSA and OSS soundcard support and common file formats like wav, cdr, raw, aiff, mp3, etc. (840 hits)
Jawavedit - WAV file editor written in Java (336 hits)
mhWaveEdit - is a program for editing sound files. It currently supports .wav files only, but more formats may be added in the future. It is good at editing both large and small files, and has support for 8/16/24/32-bit signed and unsigned sample formats. It can also play sounds using the SDL library (245 hits)
MiXViews - soundfile editor - analysis/synthesis engine (417 hits)
Smurf Sound Font Editor - Smurf is a Sound Font editor similar to Vienna SoundFont Studio by Creative Labs. It currently supports SB AWE 32/64 only, but will support other wavetable soundcards such as the GUS and Soft OSS drivers (for software-based wavetable emulation). Sound Fonts allow creation of complex instruments for use in Midi song composition. (509 hits)
snd - a sound editor (406 hits)
TAON - TAON (The Art Of Noise) is a small but fancy sound editor, with plugin support. It reads wav (RAW and PCM) files, includes some built in effects, as well as a plugin API. (500 hits)